February 19, 2018

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Travel to Lombardy

Lombardy the economic powerhouse allures with it modern attractions as is one of the key stops in your Destination Italy.

After all, Milan -the premier city of the region – is the global center of fashion.

The numerous lakes open up unimaginable vistas in sailing, canoeing, windsurfing, and water skiing .

The Lombard Alps are also dotted with myriad ski resorts -and ski lifts climb the slopes of Apennines.

But what sets Lombardy apart is the wondrous artistic and architectural heritage it offers. The Cathedral at Milan is spellbinding and people cross continents to have a glimpse of da Vinci’s “Last Supper”.

lombardy italy

The Renaissance remnants in the form of castles, palaces, sumptuous palaces and the vast body of artistic works prove irresistible troves.

The attractions in your travel to Lombardy are many

Being the focal point of nation’s economy, business and commerce, the city positively buzzes. It’s also the fashion capital -perhaps of the world where designer labels abound. Don’t be surprised to witness the launch of a fashion label that goes on to become a global fashion rage!

But what makes your visit truly remarkable is da Vinci’s “Last Supper-” the tragic tale of deceit and forgiveness that happened to be the Lord’s farewell gesture.

A visit to the world’s 4th largest cathedral transports you to the magnificent renaissance age. Don’t forget to be charmed by the navigli- canals famous for springing up some of Italy’s finest restaurants.It could prove to be a singular twist in your destination Italy.



Discover a city divided by a hill. The oldest parts -some dating prior to the prehistoric times-nestle atop a hill. , while the modern city bustles below. The period of Venice’s domination is well marked by the numerous buildings in the old city .Its heart -the Piazza- bristles with inimitable historical monuments like the Palazzo del Commune, the Commune Towers, the Venetian Major’s House and the Library Angelo May.

The Catholic influence is clearly visible in the “sacred” Cathedral Square that boasts of the Cathedral, St Maria Maggiore, and the Colleoni Chapel et al.Brescia.
The second most important manufacturing and commercial & crafts city is fairly full of architectural splendors. Take a trip around the Museo delle Armi e del Risorgimento, The Piazza Del Forio is adjacent to the Capitolium ,Roman Theatre, S Salvartore basilica , Broletto city hall and the Roman Museum. Glimpse the glorious rich art collection displayed at the Pinacoteca Tosio -Martinengo art gallery, Museo dell eta Cristiana and the Museo RomanoComo.

It beckons millions with its magnificent lake .But it takes hold with its redoubtable architectural wonders.-the Romanesque churches of S Abbondio and S.Fedele , Tempio Voltiano ,Villa Olmo and the Palazzo Volpi art galleries are a must see.

The past also comes alive in city’s museums that hold archaeological treasures and golden nuggets of local history. However, the centerpiece of the city is the lake a shimmering watery that is idyllic for a visit. It adds a tranquil note to destination Italy.


The “crossroads “city is the gateway to all the major cities. It also lies secure in its placid orderliness that radiates tranquility in the countryside. It also teems with architectural wonders like the Medieval Piazza del Commune, the 12th century Baptistery and the Romanesque cathedral. But Cremona is justly famous for being the birthplace of the Stradivarius violins. It still resonates with the sweetest violin twangs from the numerous workshops. What better place to your travel to Lombardy than where the instruments that began the famous Italian opera were created?


The “city in midst of waters” charms as much with its art and architecture, as with its architectural delights. Witness the Romanesque churches and the resplendent Gonzaga court. Experience the finest collection of art by such masters as Pisanello, Mantegna, Titian, Cima de Conegliano, Rubens, Leon Battista Alberti, Giulio Romano who have left a grandiose imprint on evolution of art. Step into the Ducal Palace and the Museo Diocesano for another grand view of the splendiferous art.

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